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Clean Smart | Right Tool and Solutions for the Right Problem.

Think Before You Clean | Analytical & Effective & Efficiency.

Research & Learn | Continue in Education.

Why Choose Us



Our team has 20 years of combined experience cleaning corporate and residential spaces. We’ve seen and cleaned every type of stain or mess in every type of space.


We are proud of our great reputation. This is something earned through hard work that produced great results and happy customers. Maids @ Work is trusted by real-estate agents, homeowners, interior designers, and businesses.

Cleaning Systems

We take a tactical approach to every cleaning job. This means we work efficiently and effectively. Each team member is trained on how to perform a specific function of the overall job. Teams execute their job simultaneously to maximize efficiency while maintaining our guaranteed high level of cleaning.

Happiness Guarantee

We know your space is important to you, and we value your trust in us to care for it. That’s why we work with each client to understand their goals for their space and set achievable expectations for outcomes based on their needs. We always let the client know what to expect so everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done and how it will be done so there’s no confusion. A two-way communication model ensures great results for everyone.

Education and Passion

Our team combines intelligence and imagination for wonderful results. Cleaning is more than just removing dirt, it’s more about thinking about the process as a whole and incorporating our knowledge and passion into every job. Our leadership team has a background in biology and chemistry, which makes the process of cleaning interesting on a deep level. We know using the right substance and the right tool will give great results. In addition, our team invests in continuing education so we’re always learning and growing.

Our Referral Program

Maids @ Work is a referral-based service, which means 100% of our new clients are referred from current clients. Your happiness with our work and trust in our skill means a lot, which is why we offer a client appreciation program for clients that refer. Thank you for helping our business grow!

When you refer Maids @ Work to someone, we’d like to offer you one of the following:

20% off the total bill (equal to $30)
One add-on service of your choice (up to $50) such as fridge deep cleaning.

What Our Clients Say

I have had more than 3 different housekeeping companies to clean my house in the past 4 years, none of them did as great of a job as the team from Maids @ Work. I have never seen this level of attention to details, diligence, and strong
Jennifer Qian